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Some of the wonderful companies and organisations I've worked with since 2006:

And some of the lovely things they have said about my work:


“More scripts like this please! This is a great first draft.  Nice job Darren.  It is fun, funny and a great story with good character, structure and great sense of fun.”


“We would like you to write some more episodes for us! Your scripts are a delight to read and you’re always on time which is good for me as some of the other writers aren’t as self sufficient.”


“Good solutions!  Really like this script, made me laugh out loud again.”


“One of my favourite scripts so far - perfectly character based, escalates brilliantly - fab.”


“Darren has done a terrific job on this script. It is a lot of fun and a great concept that’s been executed very well.”


“Actually looking at my notes now, I didn’t have many!”




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