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Eddy and the Ecosaurs

Omens Studios announced their new show at Annecy recently. I'm thrilled to have been helping with the development. Here's the press release:

"Omens Studios is bringing a brand-new preschool dinosaur adventure show Eddy and the Ecosaurs to the international marketplace, launching at Annecy this week. The eco-based CG animated series has been developed with scriptwriter Darren Jones (Fireman Sam, Peter Rabbit, Messy Goes to Okido) and art director Matthew Robert Davies (Adventures of Paddington), working together with Omens’ executive producer Adam Redfern, who is working across the company’s expanding preschool slate.

Aimed at kids aged five to eight, Eddy and the Ecosaurs (52 x 11’) follows novice scientist Eddy and his junior dinosaur crew thinking big to help others, all around Volcano Valley. Each dino has a specialist skill that befits their natural talents and size. Together, they help their evolving community of dino and human friends with all sorts of challenges and problems, using a winning mix of dino-strength, cool tech and teamwork. Only one problem: on the other side of the Volcano lives Lucy Lava – a highly ambitious inventor who thinks everything’s a competition with Eddy.

The series champions diversity by focusing on stories that spring from the varied characters’ points of view, hobbies, and cultural references. Episodes will involve creative use of eco-friendly technology and engineering to solve problems and spark children’s interest in science through wacky inventions, lost-island adventure, and comic entertainment. The vibrant new series is being developed at Omens Studios’ UK office, with the animation produced at its award-winning studio based in Singapore.

Omens Studios CEO Chi Sim Tang said, “Eddy and the Ecosaurs is a fantastic addition to our growing preschool slate, providing a huge helping of fun and adventures with diverse characters and imaginative storylines. We can’t wait to bring the series to the market as we are sure Eddy and his dino friends will be a huge hit with children across the globeWith offices in Singapore, Malaysia, U.K., U.S.A., and China, Omens Studios is an award-winning creator, co-producer, IP owner and distributor of animated TV series, short films, interactive media and commercials.


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